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The Madcap Library

The Madcap (Machine and Device Capabilities) library is a package of functions that allows Java programmers to break out of the "lowest common denominator" approach and take advantage of certain platform specific capabilities that might be available on the runtime platform. Importantly though - this is done without the programmer being forced to tie their code to that platform and without writing any native code themselves. The library is written using JNI. Examples of things that are currently working are 'get process ID' (useful for writing a PID file), 'get' and 'set' environment variables and time, 'setuid'/'seteuid'/'setgid'/'setegid', and use of the tray icon in Windows. The library currently works with Java on Windows and on Linux but should be easy to port to other OSes.


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  •  16 Feb 2001 05:27

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