Version 20091122 of Measuring Buffer

Release Notes: Multiple fixes for assertion failures raised during error situations, and an updated configure script to better determine 64 bit compile flags.

    Other releases

    •  10 Mar 2014 23:14

      Release Notes: A security fix for the defaults file. A compatibility fix for the Solaris st driver. Memory advise for buffer memory on Linux. Updated documentation for use with cron. More minor bugfixes.

      •  26 Jan 2014 21:16

        Release Notes: Adds support for a configuration file to set default options, has enhanced logging, and fixes some formatting issues.

        •  21 Feb 2013 07:24

          Release Notes: This release fixed potential data corruption, re-enabled hash calculation support, bails out if any output fails to initialize, fixed handling of the -f option, and reduced sending overhead.

          •  09 Feb 2013 23:39

            Release Notes: This emergency release disables hash calculation support due to potential data corruption when the buffer runs full. Please do not use hash calculation support of mbuffer for now. This issue is under investigation.

            •  16 Nov 2012 23:49

              Release Notes: This release adds an option for a watchdog that terminates mbuffer if either input or output stream stall for a specified time, adds support for float values as arguments to options, and has some cleanup and a build fix.


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