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  •  03 Aug 2013 19:51

Release Notes: This release adds checks for too-long literal strings in scripts (this is an old bug from 1.3.3).

  •  10 Dec 2012 02:04

Release Notes: Fixes a problem introduced by the LC_NUMERIC change in 20121129. Fixes several other minor bugs as well.

Release Notes: This release adds several new features for compatibility with gawk and BWK awk, including a length() function for arrays, strftime(), and related functions. It also makes mawk's builtin random number generator optional, permitting use of the system's functions.

Release Notes: This release implements gawk's "nextfile" feature, adds "/dev/stdin" as an alias for stdin (already aliased to "-"), fixes an overflow check used to distinguish between large numbers and strings, improves debugging traces and memory-leak checking, and adds various other bugfixes and portability improvements.


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