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The Maven license plugin manages the LICENSE.TXT and THIRD-PARTY.TXT files as well as the license header on any kind of text files your project might be composed of (source files or generated files for release).

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Project migration on Codehaus 22 Nov 2010

The last release (3.0) was the last of the project hosted on Nuiton platform ( The plugin is now merged into the mojo project at co...

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  •  22 Nov 2010 11:09

Release Notes: This version moves the project descriptor file; now everything is in the plugin configuration. The THIRD-PARTIES.txt file has been improved by removing obsolete dependencies, type, and classifier specification. The versions of the dependencies have been upgraded. A few bugs have also been fixed, such as the IgnoreTag not being detected and unnamed dependencies management change between maven 2 and maven 3.

  •  25 Oct 2010 14:12

Release Notes: The three parts of the header have been split, and can now be updated one by one. A filter on libraries was added to exclude or include some dependencies during dependency license analysis. An external file is no longer used to describe the project license; now everything is in the pom.xml file. Checks on the License object were added. Improvements were made for maven3 use. On xml files, the license is added after the <xml.../> declaration.

  •  21 Apr 2010 21:42

    Release Notes: This version resolves 2 major bugs from version 2.1 and improves the documentation.


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