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multi-aterm is a multi-tab terminal emulator based on aterm for the X Window system. It provides tab functionality without requiring KDE or GNOME.


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  •  03 Sep 2004 11:19

Release Notes: The terminal size problem encountered when resizing the window has been fixed.

  •  15 Aug 2004 11:49

    Release Notes: Support for PNG and JPEG has been added. Tab titles can be renamed dynamically (click the title).

    •  24 Nov 2003 12:10

    Release Notes: This has major bugfixes and new features. It is usable on FreeBSD and Solaris, with no more background problems. It no longer crashes when closing a terminal. You can now use a configuration file. There is a new resources management section and a man page.

    •  22 Sep 2003 03:06

      Release Notes: The Home and End keys now work, and special characters can now be input, although a few problems with FreeBSD remain. A C^n feature for adding a new terminal, C^d to terminate one, and the ability to set the notebook title were implemented.

      •  22 May 2003 03:51

      Release Notes: This version fixes compiling on FreeBSD, properly detects libxpm with an option in ./configure, fixes a transparency problem, fixes fading, fixes a crash when the last term finished, and fixes selection.

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      29 Jul 2003 21:54 lujan Thumbs up

      I have waited years for a tabbed term client that doesnt require gnome or kde. that does what I want :)


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