Version 1.6.1 of massXpert mass spectrometry package

Release Notes: A mass list laboratory feature was added. The user may now compare two lists of m/z values in search of matches. Optionally, if a match does not occur, it is possible to use chemical modifications to check if a match would occur. This is useful when comparing lists of theoretical m/z versus actually measured m/z values. The documentation was updated to describe this new experimental feature.

Other releases

  •  26 Dec 2012 00:39

    Release Notes: This release implements a feature that allows one to enter a coordinates string in the sequence editor window so as to select a specific sequence, make a multi-region selection, or make a multi-selection region. The mzLab GUI has been refactored so as to greatly simplify its use. The French translation has been updated.

    •  23 Oct 2011 22:19

      Release Notes: It is now possible to account for cross-links when simulating oligomer fragmentations. Only cross-links that involve monomers all contained in the fragmenting oligomer are taken into account. Updates to the user manual.

      •  30 Aug 2011 06:25

        Release Notes: The XpertMiner module was improved to make working with lists easier. A calculation bug was fixed in the isotopic cluster calculation code. A full spectrum simulation feature was added to allows one to compute a spectrum (optionally with all the isotopic clusters) on the basis of a list of oligomers obtained by cleavage of a given polymer. The user manual was updated.

        •  22 Jul 2011 21:01

          Release Notes: A thorough rewrite of the XpertMiner module with many new features and improvements/fixes.

          •  17 Jul 2011 19:56

            Release Notes: This release switched the whole XpertMiner module to the TableView data display method. This allows for easier code maintenance and for a clearer graphical user interface. Code in the MzLabInputOligomerTreeView class has been refactored to improve quality and readability. The XpertMiner window layout has more clarity. A feature has been added to call a calculator window right from the sequence editor window with either whole or selected sequence masses pre-seeded.


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