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Mass Rename is a simple pair of shell scripts which make it easier to move, rename, or copy multiple files at once. It is intended mainly as an automatic and simple way to rename multiple files with a customizable prefix and a progressive number. It is also possible to modify the rename format simply by editing one of the scripts. It is easy, complete, and efficient, and was written only in sh code.


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  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

    Release Notes: First release.

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    13 Aug 2004 22:31 mackstann

    Difference between this and rename(1)?
    Perl (sometimes) comes with a utility called rename (if not I'm sure you can get it from the dist. tarball). This takes a regexp and applies it to all of the filenames you specify. I.e.:

    rename 's/^/blah_/' *

    This would add "blah_" to the beginning of all files that "*" grabs. So doesn't rename(1) do everything that mass rename does, plus more (since it's full regular expressions)?


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