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Mascot is a style checker for Objective Caml sources. It checks for overloading of built-in elements, useless constructs, deeply nested constructs, 'open' statements, magic numbers, complex conditions, presence of comments, spelling, empty interfaces and the number of exported elements, coupling, Halstead, and McCabe metrics, matching of regular expressions, and spaces, tabulation, headers, and file/line lengths. It supports CheckStyle, CSV, HTML, JDepend, bare text, and XML outputs, and supports plugins for custom checks and outputs.


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  •  30 Aug 2012 07:06

Release Notes: Support for checks based on binary annotations, and for binary output mode have been added. Two new checks ('catch_all' to detect patterns catching all exceptions, and 'code.ignore_unit' check to detect application of 'ignore' to expression whose type is 'unit') have been added. Numerous bugs have been fixed. The codebase has been updated for OCaml 4.00.0.

  •  15 Jul 2011 09:28

Release Notes: Support for checks based on annotation files and support for checks using a state were added. The code checks "empty_for", "empty_try", and "empty_while" were added. The "deprecated" code check was added to detect deprecated elements. The "tuple_size" code check was added to detect lengthy tuples. Strict mode was added for documentation checks. Allowed modules in "" check was fixed. Detection of useless parentheses in "if", "when", "while", and "for" constructs was fixed. The "code.physical_comparisons" check was fixed. Support for preprocessors was fixed. Detection of textual code duplication was fixed.


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