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MarsClock is designed to aid engineers, astronomers, Gods of War, Hrossa, and specifically mission controllers for the upcoming NASA MER and ESA Beagle-II missions to Mars. It converts to and from Earth time (Local and UTC) and Mars time (Local Mean Solar Time and Local True Solar Time) for any location.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2004 14:25

    Release Notes: The lander locations were updated to post-landing locations. The program now works with PalmOS 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2. The background images were improved for black and white devices. The sub-earth location code has been added, but is not implemented or visible to the end user yet.

    •  22 Jan 2004 16:43

      Release Notes: UTS offset now allows for 1/2 timezone. Various minor bug fixes were made for PalmOS versions less than or equal to 3.2.

      •  07 Jan 2004 02:33

        Release Notes: This version fixes the "now" mode so that the Palm can auto-off (and it no longer drains battery). Also, times for Viking, Sojourner, and Beagle II were 12 hours ahead. This has been fixed. MER was/is still believed to be accurate with the rover clock.

        •  23 Dec 2003 01:06

          Release Notes: Day/night shading has been added. Alarms are now handled by DateBook. The NOW button runs the program in real-time mode. There are several minor feature additions and bugfixes.

          •  03 Dec 2003 17:14

            Release Notes: Images now work on grayscale devices. The background can now be selected by the user. sol:hh:mm was added to the main form. The version and build information are now displayed on screen. E/W longitude preferences were added. The last time is now restored, instead of defaulting to the current time.


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