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marks is a set of ksh or bash utilities that provides a mechanism for remembering long pathnames as shorter "mark" names. Marks are persistent across multiple shell invocations, and may be shared from user to user.

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  •  24 Jul 2006 07:38

Release Notes: This version copes with an alternate location of "sort" on some distributions, like Debian.

  •  17 Jul 2006 10:30

Release Notes: The file ownerships in the RPM have been changed to root/root. The Makefile has been updated for installation on older Unix variants.

  •  13 Jul 2006 23:25

Release Notes: A problem with paths with whitespace was fixed by adding appropriate quotes. Other quotes were also added in a fit of quote paranoia. Marks were moved to /usr/share/marks, but a /usr/local/lib/marks symlink is also kept for backward compatibility. The build scheme was generally updated.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

    Release Notes: Initial announcement.

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    02 Aug 2006 16:50 tallen

    Re: marks
    The sort location issue is fixed in marks-1.3.2.

    18 Jul 2006 21:24 cerceaux Thumbs up

    Nice job.

    Simple and efficient.

    I have to manage a few webservers through SSH and with the command line tools.

    Your programs save a lot of typing.

    The only minor glitch was that i had to create a symlink from /usr/bin/sort to /bin/sort for the 'marks' program to work properly on some debian based distributions.

    The installation should take into account that not all distributions store the basic utilities like 'sort' in the same directory.

    But thanks for those utilities that i now consider as a must.


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