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Marbles is very similiar to Atomix and was heavily inspired by it. The goal is to create a more or less complex figure out of single marbles within a time limit to reach the next level. Sounds easy? Well, there is a problem: If a marble starts to move, it will not stop until it hits a wall or marble. Teleports, arrows, and crumbling walls make it even more interesting.


Recent releases

  •  10 Aug 2002 08:28

    Release Notes: With this release Marbles is compilable for Win32, uses SDL_mixer for better sounds and provides a bunch of memory leak fixes. A Win32 pre-compiled binary is also available now.

    •  01 Jul 2002 19:33

      Release Notes: This release features fixes for a bunch of annoying bugs (forgetting user profile, crash when exiting, no level switch when finished level with last move, and a ghost marble when restarting the level).

      •  24 Jun 2002 13:14

        Release Notes: This release features some bugfixes. In particular, the score is now properly modified for the various difficulty levels.

        •  06 Mar 2002 23:33

          Release Notes: Compile support for Win32 by using MinGW, and more colorkey bugfixes (relevant for display depth > 16 bit).

          •  07 Feb 2002 18:22

            Release Notes: A fix for the color key of marbles, and renaming the configure option --with-profile-path correctly.


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