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22 Feb 2007 04:48 1gray

One of the primary uses of Mapx for me was,

until recent, the dependency of MODIS

Swath-to-Grid Toolbox (MS2GT) on it. However,

it appeared not too hard to replace `ll2cr' of

MS2GT with the `proj' filter binary from a

powerful PROJ.4 package. Indeed, you only have

to transform input data from two separate

`float' streams (latitude and longitude one) to

a mixed `double' (longitude-latitude) one, and

then vice versa for output. (You may need to

negate the resulting Y-coordinates as well,

since the Y-axis in carthography typically

points up, while in computer graphics it oftenly

points down.)

14 Sep 2006 20:11 1gray

Autoconfiscation of the package

There's also a preliminary Autotools-based build system for the
package at


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