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Release Notes: This beta release brings many user interface improvements and tweaks, including text autocompletion in the text editor, Ctrl+mouse wheel zoom in all tabs, a new splash screen, and more. Stronger AES-128 encryption (password protection) was added. It is now possible to customize background, text, and link colors in RSS Feed Reader. This version fully supports Java 8, which is now required to run Makagiga.

  •  08 Dec 2013 13:42

Release Notes: This final release brings minor improvements, including bugfixes, and various user interface tweaks.

Release Notes: This final release brings an improved Task list, a better Alarm notification window, and bugfixes. Minor user interface updates and tweaks were made. The Polish translation was updated. Building from the sources was simplified.

Release Notes: This preview release brings a Duration column in the task list, a better Security Manager, and minor bugfixes. Many keyboard related issues (tab-key handling, default input focus, and "Context Menu" key support) were fixed. Source compatibility with Java 8 was improved.

Release Notes: This beta release adds many new features and bugfixes, including a better enclosure/podcast downloader, configurable Widget workspaces, improved markup preview (HTML, wiki, Markdown), and more. An option was added for setting larger icons in both the Sidebar and Tabs. The Polish and Russian translations were updated.

Release Notes: This final release adds MATE Desktop Environment support, table sorting and filtering in many User Interface elements, and a Hue-Saturation-Brightness image filter. Minor bugs and regressions were fixed. The Polish translation was updated.

Release Notes: This Beta release brings new features, bugfixes, and optimizations, including an improved image viewer, better notification popups, and customizable colors in the notepad editor. It is now possible to group all Tasks by category, priority, and other criteria.

Release Notes: This final release mostly brings bugfixes and minor new features, including an improved task list in the system tray context menu, a better security manager, and fixed image exportation. The Notepad plugin is now able to display the number of words/sentences in your text document.

Release Notes: This final release includes minor bugfixes and features, including a Bookmarks button in the color chooser dialog, source code cleanup, and various optimizations.

Release Notes: This release brings a lot of new features, including an updated RSS Viewer, an improved To-Do Manager, searching documents by date, and better compatibility with various desktop environments. User Interface and application startup speed optimizations were made. Some known bugs and other usability issues were fixed.


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A Web-based personal RSS/ATOM news aggregator and feeds reader.


Project Spotlight


Utilities for converting text files from DOS/Mac format to Unix format and vice versa.