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mairix is a tool for indexing and searching email messages stored in Maildir, MH, or mbox folders. The index contains a map of which words occur in which parts of which messages. Searches on this index are fast and generate symlinks to the matching messages in a new Maildir or MH folder, or copies of matching messages in an mbox folder, which can be browsed normally in a mail client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Jun 2010 21:58

    Release Notes: This release contains three years of bug fixes and minor enhancements, including improvements to the handling of mbox and MH folders.

    •  24 Jun 2007 23:10

      Release Notes: A handful of bugs were fixed: crashes in the name/value parser, handling of . and .. in MH folders, broken mbox folders, and indexing when the database only contained a single message.

      •  25 Mar 2007 23:22

        Release Notes: Uncompressed mbox data is now cached. Gaps that used to appear in date ranges when searching are now gone. The database is automatically unlocked if mairix is interrupted. A fast index option (primarily for maildir) has been added. Searching by names of attachments and by message status flags has been added.

        •  16 Jul 2006 13:43

          Release Notes: A new search output mode (-x) was added to show an excerpt of the headers of the matching messages. The mairix.spec file was fixed. Compilation problems relating to compressed mboxes were fixed. A memory management bug was fixed. Some other minor improvements were made.

          •  11 Mar 2006 00:18

            Release Notes: mbox folders compressed with bzip2 are now supported. Bugs were fixed in the parsing of mbox folders when lines in the message body start with 'From '. A bug in parsing the content-type header with quoted text was fixed. When maildir is being used, the message flags are copied when creating the symlinks in the match folder. The style of MH folder used by Mew is now supported. man pages are now used for the documentation, replacing the texinfo file, which has been retired.


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