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Mailto.php reclaims HTML mailto: links from the clutches of address harvesters. It's a PHP library containing functions that generate JavaScript which produce mailto: links, but keep the email addresses obfuscated so they can't be picked up by email address harvesters.


RSS Recent releases

  •  09 May 2005 14:52

Release Notes: This release implements a definable constant (MAILTO_USE_NOSCRIPT) that allows you to disable the use of <noscript> elements that may cause your pages to become invalid XHTML.

  •  06 Jul 2004 09:43

Release Notes: This release introduces a mailto_html() function that searches for mailto: links in HTML markup and automatically obfuscates them. It also adds an output buffer handler that makes it trivially easy to add obfuscation to existing documents.

  •  14 Aug 2002 11:06

Release Notes: This release adds a new function called mailto_text() which scans a text string and obfuscates any e-mail addresses it finds.

  •  31 May 2002 11:07

Release Notes: This release includes a new function called smailto() which works like sprintf(); it returns a string containing an obfuscated email link, rather than just printing it.

  •  21 Feb 2002 08:12

Release Notes: This release makes a trivial change, adding a "type" attribute to the "script" tag, making it HTML 4 compliant.


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