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MailStripper Pro is a mail scanner that aims to remove spam and viruses from incoming mail. It recognises and decodes many obfuscation techniques used by spammers and uses several different mechanisms to recognise spam which are immune to Bayes poisoning, and has achieved real-world success of over 99.8%. It is MTA-independent and does not implant itself into your mail server. Instead, it functions as a proxy, allowing the MTA to reside on a different server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2007 06:48

    Release Notes: Bugs fixed include a memory leak and a "bgerror" crash. Single-line single-word emails now blocked when they weren't previously. Tagging subject lines with "subject:" in lowercase now works properly. Other improvements include an improved timeout handler, better sanity checking on initial response from downstream SMTP server, configurable network inactivity timeout, and an improved child process limiter that prevents snowball effects. FreeBSD support is much improved.

    •  01 Jul 2005 09:09

      Release Notes: A potential buffer overflow in the library code has been corrected, and a bug affecting plugin response codes has been fixed. A long-standing bug causing threads to hang without using any CPU time has also been fixed. Recognition of a new method of junk hiding has also been added. In the SURBL plugin, there are numerous updates, including fixing a URL parsing bug in the SURBL plugin, adding bitwise filtering to SURBL DNS responses, and amending the SURBL debug responses so they are no longer specific to and are shown as a bitmap with the corresponding bitmask.

      •  30 Mar 2005 18:53

        Release Notes: The scanning core has been replaced with one 2-3 times as fast as the previous one, support has been added for plug-ins, local blocklists and the SURBL DNS blocklist, the subject tagging is a lot more flexible than before, and the text-mode config tool has been completely redesigned. Solaris/X86 is supported.

        •  08 Oct 2004 02:09

          Release Notes: This release scans all text/* blocks correctly when multiple such blocks are present, and corrects a matching problem with the whitelists. New decoding and scanning options have been added, and the spam bin substitutions now map to lower case.

          •  13 Aug 2004 08:36

            Release Notes: A bug has been fixed whereby MailStripper would sometimes get confused over ESMTP extensions on the RCPT command. The internal uvscan invocation options have also been adjusted to more optimal values.


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