Version 0.8.4 of Modoboa

Release Notes: The external JavaScript tools (such as mootools) were updated. A new organization is used for static files (mostly for plugins). This is the first Django 1.3 compatible version. Webmail now supports folder management, and several bugs in webmail were fixed.

Other releases

Release Notes: This version improves PostgreSQL compatibility and tries to ease the installation of Modoboa with a new command line tool.

  •  11 Jul 2012 22:28

Release Notes: This is mainly a maintenance release with a few new features, including per-domain amavis settings, a new Python package (available on the PyPI), and a Portuguese translation. Modoboa is now a true Django application.

Release Notes: A new user interface using jQuery and Bootstrap, from Twitter. A new plugin to define per-admin restrictions on object creation (domains, mailboxes, etc.). An improved quarantine manager and faster Webmail. Many other improvements and fixes.

Release Notes: This release has the ability to import mailboxes from a CSV file. Users can now change their LDAP password. Users can keep local copies of their forwarded messages. There are some bugfixes.

Release Notes: Webmail now supports sending messages with attachments. Per-user language selection. Default top redirection (choose which application to display when none is specified). The ability to disable directory creation in the admin interface. Bugfixes.


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