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Mail Avenger

Mail Avenger is a highly-configurable, MTA-independent SMTP server. It lets users run messages through filters like ClamAV and SpamAssassin during SMTP transactions, so the server can reject unwanted email before assuming responsibility for its delivery. Other unique features include TCP SYN fingerprint and network route recording, SPF (sender policy framework) as a general policy language, qmail-style delivery of extension addresses, validation of sender addresses through SMTP callbacks, mail-bomb protection, integration with kernel firewalls, and more.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  13 Jul 2013 23:23

Release Notes: This release adds minor changes to compile cleanly with newer versions of GCC and handle recent resolver changes in glibc.

  •  24 Sep 2012 22:00

    Release Notes: Minor changes to compile with the latest version of gcc.

    •  12 Jan 2012 21:54

      Release Notes: This release contains minor changes to deal with newer versions of gcc and BerkeleyDB, as well as Debian's forthcoming relocation of the BerkeleyDB libraries.

      •  07 Apr 2010 09:06

      Release Notes: Minor fixes were made to allow compilation with newer libraries and versions of gcc.

      •  06 Mar 2008 01:23

      Release Notes: Support for newer BerkeleyDB versions, two new configuration options (LogTag and IdentTimeout), and a MSGID environment variable that can be used to correlate rcpt commands with message bodies.


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