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mail_fetch is a system that retrieves and filters mail from remote IMAP accounts and delivers to local folders according to user-defined rules. It includes examples and is intended to be run from cron.

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24 Oct 2012 23:52 Avatar geir_isene Thumbs up

Version 1.4: Update for latest Ruby (shipping with Ubuntu 12.10) - using FileUtils instead of the deprecated ftools.

14 Oct 2012 17:46 Avatar geir_isene Thumbs up

Version 1.3.5 fixes a few minor issues and adds help text (via "mail_fetch.rb .h")

07 Oct 2012 23:12 Avatar geir_isene Thumbs up

Version 1.3: Fixes to notification & lock-file creation.

04 Oct 2012 21:25 Avatar geir_isene Thumbs up

Updated the example conkyrc with plenty of explanation for the output.

03 Oct 2012 19:43 Avatar geir_isene Thumbs up

New version (1.2) includes locking to avoid possible duplicate mails from concurrent retrievals as well as a notifiaction file for inability to login to remote servers. Updated the example conkyrc file to show how Conky can show the script running, that it fails to login to local or remote servers or that the NoMail directive is set. It also includes a simple way of toggle the NoMail directive (option "-n") and a way to manually override the directive (option "-f").


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