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Mail Notification

Mail Notification is a status icon (aka tray icon) that informs you if you have new mail. It works with system trays implementing the System Tray Specification, such as the GNOME Panel Notification Area, the Xfce Notification Area, and the KDE System Tray. Mail Notification features include multiple mailbox support, Evolution, Gmail, IMAP, Maildir, mbox, MH, Mozilla products, POP3, Sylpheed, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail support, SASL and APOP authentication support, SSL/TLS support, automatic detection of mailbox format, immediate notification, message popups, and HIG 2.0 compliance.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  22 May 2008 17:35

Release Notes: The regression that caused some read IMAP messages to be reported as unread has been fixed.

  •  27 Apr 2008 08:18

Release Notes: Two crashes have been fixed.

  •  20 Mar 2008 09:41

Release Notes: A regression introduced in 5.1 caused default configuration values to not be registered. This errata release fixes the problem.

  •  20 Mar 2008 00:07

Release Notes: A number of minor issues have been fixed. Most notably, the message count is now drawn properly.

  •  04 Jan 2008 10:12

Release Notes: A few minor issues have been fixed, and some translations have been updated.


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