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The Magic Notebook

The Magic Notebook is a CGI script which allows the user to store and organize notes in as many topics as are desired. Uses include contact information, to do lists, lists of books to read, status information for different projects, a list of "things to do when thus-and-such happens", keeping track of things you need to tell people, and for the advanced user an editable quote of the day. The Magic Notebook is intended to give Webmasters a new attraction with little extra work.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Apr 2003 14:07

    Release Notes: The RPM now contains vital files that had previously been omitted due to rpmbuild issues. Since 1.3.3, a search engine has been added.

    •  02 Apr 2003 17:45

      Release Notes: A search engine was added.

      •  10 Feb 2003 16:10

        Release Notes: A bug that prevented login creation from the administrative menu was fixed. Sorting of displayed material is now case insensitive. The routine that generates most of the output was optimized.

        •  07 Feb 2003 21:47

          Release Notes: A bug was fixed that sometimes prevented creation of notes and folders. A bug was fixed that disabled the option of displaying all rotating text at once. Other assorted bugfixes were made. Completely new templates for new logins were added.

          •  03 Feb 2003 16:36

            Release Notes: Concurrent access support for guest logins was enhanced. File corruption issues were addressed. Corrections were made to the source distribution installer. The user-visible text was made slightly more consistent. Assorted minor bugfixes were made.


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            Project Spotlight

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