Version 1.2.1 of Mad.Thought

Release Notes: Some bugs were smashed. The entry edit screen was revamped. Basic viewing statistics were added. Some backend fixes were made.

Other releases

  •  21 Oct 2003 21:19

Release Notes: This version features a security fix in the SQL backend.

Release Notes: Easier entry view navigation and a bugfix in the calendar.

  •  18 Nov 2002 17:41

Release Notes: A change user information bug, a non-object method bug, and a compatibility issue with PHP 4.0.x have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds multiuser functionality, inline HTML, and encrypted user passwords. It now works with PHP register_globals=no. There are indexing changes, and minor bug fixes and updates.

Release Notes: ADODB was updated. The navigation calendar now only links to days with entries. Entry display enhancements were added.


Project Spotlight


Virtual server management software.


Project Spotlight


A PostgreSQL performance monitoring and auditing tool.