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  •  06 Aug 2003 06:32

Release Notes: Some serious features were added, including fine-grained profile permissions, high-availability, profile-based groups, and full-on auditing. The usual various and numerous bugfixes were also made. Speed enhancements, documentation improvements, and architectural beautification were done. The feature set is pretty much fixed for 1.0.

Release Notes: This version features lots of new features, an improved core server framework, and other goodies.

Release Notes: This release adds support for SQLite, a small, fast RDBMS that requires no database administration, no database servers to configure, and no ongoing maintenance headaches. By specifying --with-sqlite to the configure script, you can now have MACS up and running in half the time.

  •  18 Jul 2003 05:27

Release Notes: This version has a much-improved build and install system.

Release Notes: This release includes a complete overhaul and refactor of server code for additional stability and clarity, and protocol changes to allow servers to handle asynchronous requests over a single socket. The build system now uses GNU autotools. A Java client library and a full test suite were included, and bugfixes, cleanups, and documentation were added. It is expected that this will be the final alpha.

Release Notes: Many things were completed for this release: CGI to HTML::Mason conversion, integration with MACS::CClient, and the Virtual Resources framework. The APXS module now fully supports vhosts. Yahoo and ESPN Login Methods and new Home Authorization method were implemented. Bugfixing, cleanup, and testing was also done. Even though this is still very much a developer's release, MACS 0.6 is in production protecting several commercial Web apps.

Release Notes: The Web-based admin interfaces are now integrated, and are easy to use and much more robust. This is the first really usable release of the 0.6 line.

Release Notes: Multi-match profile mapping rules have been implemented. Included in this release are the LDAP, Yahoo, and ESPN login methods as well as the resource manager, Apache module, and core servers and clients.

Release Notes: The LIA, LOA, RMA, and Apache modules are working with the refactored core servers and clients, making for a fairly usable system.

  •  03 Sep 2002 14:19

Release Notes: This is a partial release only. The core servers and C client libs are included alone here. It represents a fairly rigorous overhaul of several underlying concepts, so that none of the code from previous releases will play nicely with this one. In short, this is strictly a developer's preview release. As more subsystems are retrofitted and overhauled, new prereleases will appear, until the full 0.6-alpha release.


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