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MacOSD is a visualization frontend for PBButtonsD, the button and power event daemon used for Apple computers. It utilizes Evas with its anti-aliasing and alpha-blending canvas capabilities for rendering. The less-eye-candy-rich Xosd can also be used to render shaped windows that work over video overlays. The theme format is GtkPBButtons-compatible.

Recent releases

  •  12 Feb 2007 12:14

    Release Notes: The program was adapted for Evas images in pre-multiplied alpha format as well as pbbuttonsd's latest brightness value range change and was tested on Intel Macs.

    •  02 Apr 2006 09:19

      Release Notes: This release fixes the use of ARGB visuals to render the image as premultiplied alpha and thus fixes composited results to not appear too bright. The changes require a recent version of Evas.

      •  30 Mar 2006 11:11

        Release Notes: This release includes fixes for compilation with GCC 4.1, support for the latest Evas versions, and support for ARGB visuals and thus real transparent overlays with latest servers with a composition manager.

        •  23 Aug 2005 19:41

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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