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  •  11 Aug 2009 07:03

Release Notes: Python 2.6 compatibility fixes, threading fixes, support for certificates with large serial numbers, support for RSASSA-PSS signing and verifying, SSL certificate peer name checking fixes, and more. In total, over 30 bugs were fixed. Test coverage is 80%.

  •  06 Oct 2008 07:52

Release Notes: Python 2.6 is supported. OpenSSL OBJ_* funcs and ENGINE interface were wrapped, enabling smart cards. Deadlocks caused by GIL changes done in 0.18 were fixed. A segfault which occurred when trying to encrypt using a public key from X.509 certificate was fixed. m2urllib.build_opener was fixed for Python 2.5. httpslib.ProxyHTTPSConnection now sends the required Host header. The proxied User-Agent value is used in CONNECT requests. SSL.Connection.accept() was fixed to pass a correct certificate to postConnectionCheck. PEM keys are written using a more secure method. Many functions and methods were fixed to return correct error codes and raise correct exceptions.

  •  26 Jul 2007 15:28

Release Notes: This release fixes threading regressions introduced in 0.16, adds back PKCS7.get0_signers (which was removed in 0.16), improves peer certificate checking during SSL connection, fixes build issues, fixes memory leaks, and fixes 64-bit support. It also wraps more OpenSSL functionality: EVP.pbkdf2; X509_Name.__iter__, __getitem__, get_entries_by_nid; X509_Name_Entry.get_object, get_data, set_data; and more.


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