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mCube Music Manager

mcube is a digital music manager. Its goal is to let users manage and choose music for listening with the comfort and feeling of browsing physical compact discs and with the power of computer aided searching, sorting, and categorization.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Dec 2005 16:08

    Release Notes: Memory and performance optimizations were done, resulting in 20% less disk usage for the DB, 10% less memory used at startup, and efficient operation with over 10,000 songs. Updating and deletion of Tag Cosmos are now performed in the background. Drag and drop can be used to add a song to a compilation. A new "manage library" panel was added to remove a managed folder.

    •  19 Dec 2005 12:09

      Release Notes: There is a new drag and drop feature to export songs to other applications, such as instant messangers or media players. Support for reading Ogg Vorbis tags from a file was added. Many memory optimizations and some tricks on reloading data were implemented to improve both real and perceived performance, specially on large libraries (over 10,000 songs). A menu item to remove a song from a compilation was added.

      •  09 Dec 2005 16:27

        Release Notes: This release adds initial support for MusicBrainz to complete album details starting from the album name, initial image cache optimization, and a new progress bar on CD Shelf. Player control support has been reintroduced, and should now be multiplatform. It works with the latest Java 6 builds. The package is bigger (9 Mb vs. 3 Mb) due to MusicBrainz support libraries.

        •  06 Dec 2005 15:21

          Release Notes: Support for tagging was introduced, along with a Tag Cosmos that keeps relationships between tags. It is now possible to create compilations. There is a Wizard to add file to libraries. The new CD Shelf offers a new and good-looking way to browse album collections. It is also possible to customize internal window positioning.

          •  04 May 2005 13:45

            Release Notes: Some small bugs in the RC3 release were fixed.


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