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  •  19 Dec 2008 18:53

Release Notes: Correction of TIFF display on Intel (2127078). Support for floating point TIFF (2216462). Process toggling on/off in the process stack window (2248076). Implementation of a cache for image processing. Refactoring of process chaining. A fix for a display bug when switching to/from calibration frames. Better handling of exceptions in threads. A compatibility fix for reading files older than V2.3. Access to the process window through the "window" menu. Optimization of image refresh. Access to plugins help. Independent zoom factor for list and result modes.

  •  11 Oct 2008 19:02

Release Notes: The European Southern Observatory algorithm was added to the wavelet tool. Parallelization (for multiproc/multicore) and vectorization (for Altivec/SSE) were implemented on most of the image processes. A LynkeosCore framework was created to allow external processing plugin developement. A RAW conversion preference pane was added. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  01 May 2008 13:46

Release Notes: This release add tools to correct the chromatic dispersion and tune the color balance of the resulting image. It also fixes some bugs.

  •  03 Sep 2006 04:42

Release Notes: The AVI and MPEG formats are supported. The launching on G4 was fixed. Some more fixes were made for image scrambling in plugins. A RAW plugin loading problem was fixed. A warning window is shown if the stacking is started without the calibration images being themselves stacked. The "About" window was reorganized. Refactoring, corrections, and optimization of the stacking routine were done.


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