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Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library

Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library (LwVCL) is a pure Java alternative to humble AWT-based GUI interfaces for a wide range of platforms, including J2SE, PersonalJava, and others. It can be used on wide range of PersonalJava compatible devices, including Sharp Zaurus, Compaq iPAQ, and top models of mobile phones with the same API, as it is used in J2SE applications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Sep 2003 16:38

    Release Notes: Many components were updated according to users' feedback after successful project deployments. Several components were added. Many bugs were fixed. Developers, please check the changes list before migrating to this version.

    •  25 Feb 2003 11:27

      Release Notes: Lots of bugfixes were made and several new components were added.

      •  21 Nov 2002 14:05

        Release Notes: The library was optimized for various PersonalJava devices such as Zaurus and iPAQ. A live demo is available. The library itself was finally divided into two packages: the LwVCL core classes, which about 139Kb in size, and the LwVCL extension package, which is about 22Kb and contains additional lightweight components such as LwSpin, LwWindow, LwMaskTextField, and LwTreeGrid. Many changes were made to the library's functionality. The tutorial and "How to" were improved. Several bugs were fixed.

        •  02 Sep 2002 11:43

          Release Notes: In this version, almost all components were rewritten and several new components were added (LwGrid, LwTreeGrid, LwStatusBar, LwProgress, LwPopupMan, and others).

          •  03 Jun 2002 13:46

            Release Notes: The most complex components (LwTree, LwList, LwTextField, etc.) were reviewed and reworked. Minor bugs were fixed and the documentation was improved. Multiple examples on library usage were added to the documentation.


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