Version 0.3 of lwIP

Release Notes: A new and improved directory structure, better error handling, better stability when run with very tight memory constraints, many TCP bugfixes, and more comments in the code. Also, more documentation has been added to the homepage.

Other releases

  •  02 Jan 2005 13:11

Release Notes: Improves TCP throughput performance, fixes some small bugs in TCP, and fixes annoying bugs in the ARP cache and ARP packet queueing.

  •  18 Mar 2002 09:56

Release Notes: A locking problem with the sequential API was corrected.

  •  04 Mar 2002 08:15

Release Notes: A critical bug which could cause the stack to hang was fixed, as were a few smaller bugs.

  •  15 Feb 2002 19:08

Release Notes: Ability to run as a user process under Linux, and a lot of small bugfixes.

Release Notes: The operating system emulation layer was redesigned to make porting easier. Better control over TCP output buffers was added. Locking problems in buffer management and bugs in the sequential API have been fixed. A problem potentially causing IP forwarding to leak memory was fixed. Documentation was added.


Project Spotlight


An R5RS-compatible Scheme implementation.


Project Spotlight


A C library for sending email with attachments.