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Luxor is an open-source XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit in Java that lets you build UIs using XML and also includes an ultra light-weight, multi-threaded Web server, a portal engine, and a template engine. It is also Web Start-ready, as everything fits in a jar and requires no loose files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jan 2003 16:22

    Release Notes: This release sports new tags such as "range", "progressmeter", "slider", "statusbar", and "statusbarpanel", includes improved chrome resource loaders and XUL lookup tables that let you ditch the chrome and reload something different, and supports menu accesskey shortcuts using underscores ("_"). Luxor's XUL motor is no longer a singleton; you can now start as many XUL motors as you need, all at once. Luxor's CSS parser (Cypress) is now available as a standalone component.

    •  28 Oct 2002 06:28

      Release Notes: In this release, Luxor now lets you plug-in your own XUL tags that you can use along with all built-in XUL tags simply by putting an XML config file into your application's chrome config folder.

      •  20 Oct 2002 23:42

        Release Notes: This release supports more CSS style properties such as border (e.g. solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, etc.), font, background, and color, and includes new tags such as <deck>, <stack>, <mask> and <window>. It supports ad-hoc context popup menus, XHTML 2.0 like href and target attributes, toggle buttons, radio, and checkbox menu items, about, portal, and portlet URLs (e.g. about:, portal:sysinfo, etc.), and much more.

        •  29 Jun 2002 02:55

          Release Notes: Luxor now includes new modules: Apollo (a test skeleton for Web Start/JNLP), Caramel (non-GUI only Java extensions), Houston (yet another status and logging toolkit), Rachel (resource loading toolkit including HTTP Web service), and Salsa (Swing GUI add-ons). Luxor also includes a Python interpreter (thanks to Jython) and sports more docs (e.g., framed XUL tag reference and framed JNLP tag reference) and more examples (calc, a simple calculator).

          •  12 Apr 2002 05:54

            Release Notes: In this release, a couple of new tags (pre, colgroup, col, etc.) were added, datagrid now supports XPath expressions, there is improved resource loading, a chrome:// URL protocol handler was added, a browser registry and target attribute were added, config settings were added, the XulManager API quick reference and more Luxor Notes were added, and there were numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.


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