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Luola is a cavern-flying game for 2-4 players. Each player flies a small V-shaped ship and has one special weapon. The object of the game is simply to destroy all other players.

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  •  05 Feb 2006 08:31

Release Notes: A new unified physics engine was implemented. Most of the game engine code was rewritten.

  •  20 Dec 2005 11:48

Release Notes: The menu code was rewritten. Any number of joypads can now be used. Level and weapon selection screens were rewritten. Support for binary level configuration file format was removed. Many smaller bugfixes and code cleanups were made.

  •  23 Oct 2005 07:20

Release Notes: Pressing joypad buttons in menus no longer toggles fullscreen mode. A critical hit to a special weapon now deactivates the weapon properly. Several small bugs were fixed. Video modes other than 640x480 are now supported. A new level scaling method was implemented. The level file format was changed slightly.

  •  14 Aug 2005 09:09

Release Notes: Player messages and bat attacks were drawn incorrectly in half-screen mode. A bug that could crash luola when loading a level was fixed. Base regeneration was improved. A level importer tool was added.

  •  27 Jul 2005 14:43

Release Notes: A "big bullet" mode was added. Player screens can now be larger than quarter screen. The screen now fades out when a player dies. A penalty was added to EMP. A scrolling bug in the level selection screen was fixed. Several endian-related bugs were fixed. Toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode now works on other platforms than X. The configuration file parser no longer crashes on invalid input. A player counting bug was fixed.

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25 May 2003 05:52 kdan

Watch out people
It's not an understatement. The ship *really* is small and v-shaped :-)



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