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Lunar-Linux is a source-based Linux distribution with a unique package management system that builds each software package or module for the machine it is being installed on. Although a complete installation can take some time, it tends to be quite fast once installed.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Apr 2006 06:31

    Release Notes: A lot of features were added, such as SELinux, NPTL threads, udev, and more 2.6-kernel improvements. The installer is now capable of installing and initializing software RAID. New packages are wipe (secure data deletion), foremost (arbitrary data recovery tool), lftp (popular request), a full vim, and ethtool and dmidecode (for network and hardware diagnostics). The installer allows you to install pre-compiled kernels suitable for most systems.

    •  08 Feb 2006 07:32

      Release Notes: This release has several feature enhancements over rc1 and rc2. The most noticeable is the Linux software RAID tool that allows you to install Lunar on software RAID easily. Precompiled SELINUX enhanced kernels can now be installed, and the server-targeted kernels should have better I/O performance. The installer now uses normal console logins and fully enabled shells.

      •  27 Jan 2006 09:33

        Release Notes: This release backs up all packages to the installed system for recovery purposes. Dmidecode was added to aid hardware discovery. Ethtool was added. The grsecurity kernels are now actually correctly built. A few popular LSI/IBM/Dell RAID drivers are now supported through modules (megaraid, mptspi, others). The precompiled server-targeted kernels were heavily optimized for throughput performance, greatly increasing PCI offload. One nasty hard drive selection bug was fixed.

        •  19 Aug 2005 18:07

          Release Notes: The first separate i386 (available separately) and i686 optimized release. There are many usability fixes in the installer procedure. You can now administrate user accounts during installation, and the installer has many fixes and checks for better selecting locale, font, keymaps etc. This version fixes a few bugs with missing files in /etc/, and adds support for displaying normal device names (/dev/sda, /dev/hda3, etc.) in the entire installer. The package list has been modified a bit and now includes wireless_tools, and lard as a logging daemon.

          •  08 Aug 2005 14:41

            Release Notes: This release candidate removes many of the rough edges from the installer. All device names now use the classic namespace instead of devfsd names. The ISO-9660 image also includes some missing vital system files and replaces BitchX and lynx with irssi and links, saving some space while adding functionality. A testing version for i386, i486, and i586 is now also available.


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