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Lunapaint is a paint program that uses SDL. Its features include layers, animation with onionskin, a project file format, and the ability to export to PNG files. It has several paint modes for each paint tool. It is similar to TVPaint or DPaint.

Operating Systems

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  •  26 Jul 2005 06:03

Release Notes: A problem in which flipx, flipy, and rotate lost pixels was fixed. The erase draw mode was fixed to use Power.

  •  17 Jul 2005 06:29

Release Notes: A file requester was added for loading, saving, exporting, and importing. A button class for use with the drawing of the GUI was added. A string class for use with the drawing of the GUI was added. A scrollbar for the file requestor was hardcoded. The FILE= command line argument was modified to accept .lun files. The hotkey for loading a .lun file is now Ctrl+o. The hotkey for saving a .lun file is now Ctrl+s. Clearing the screen is now done with Shift+k. Merging down onto the layer below is done with Ctrl+m.

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08 Oct 2010 17:15 m0ns00n

This project is very outdated. A new version is being worked on. Look at for further information.


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