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Release Notes: New architectures were added. ARM support was improved. The fork() and clone() tracing approaches were replaced by more stable methods. A long-standing bug with signal handling during breakpoints was fixed. Many other minor fixes and improvements were made.

  •  31 Mar 2002 19:30

Release Notes: Two minor buffer overflows have been fixed. There is support for the --prefix, --sysconfdir, and --mandir options in the configure script. There is preliminary PowerPC support (doesn't work yet).

  •  03 Mar 2002 00:25

Release Notes: This release updates the list of syscalls and signals to Linux 2.4.18, fixes the display of return addresses in nested functions, adds the possibility to exit from a function different from the last called one, and fixes an off-by-one error in checking syscall number. There is now a unified coding-style of all function declarations, lines indicating signals, exit codes, etc. are not indented any more, and some architecture-dependent code was simplified.

  •  10 Jul 2001 10:51

Release Notes: The '-n' option was fixed so that it displays correct output even when tracing several processes.


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