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Version 0.3.23 of ltrace

Release Notes: This release adds an IBM S/390 port and simplifies some of the architecture dependent stuff.

Other releases

  •  17 Sep 2013 23:36

    Release Notes: This minor release fixes building on MIPS, building using CLANG, and a bug in tracing on MIPS.

    •  08 Dec 2012 02:53

      Release Notes: This release brings several minor bugfixes.

      •  29 Nov 2012 21:43

        Release Notes: This release brings several bugfixes and minor feature improvements.

        •  10 Nov 2012 01:56

        Release Notes: This is major feature release with many improvements and changes. Most notably, it brings full support for tracing multi-threaded processes, inter-library calls, and PIE binaries, and improves parameter passing conventions.

        •  25 Oct 2012 00:50

          Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix release, adds several fixes in architecture-specific code. New features include tracing of symbols from libraries opened with dlopen, and the ability to print stack traces of events. The build system has been ported to autotools again.


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