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Release Notes: Lots of new code and code cleanup has been done in this version. Many bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This major release adds many features, from live configuration reloading to wildcard use, and fixes many major bugs.

  •  27 Jan 2009 18:20

Release Notes: "overssh" has been added to the config file, which allows you to set commands allowed to execute over SSH (e.g. rsync). The timer has been fixed. A Python logging method has been added. The code has been cleaned up. There is cleaner "over ssh commands" support (e.g. scp, sftp, rsync, etc.). Completion has been corrected. A [global] section has been added to the configuration file.

  •  17 Oct 2008 04:49

Release Notes: This release adds config and log options on the command line (-c|--config and -l|--log). It orders the files for packaging purposes (initial packaging in source and RPM using distutils). File completion, a history file per user, logging for warnings and log in/out, and an updated prompt when the user changes directory (bash-like) have been added. The check_path function has been corrected. User setting is changed from a global variable to dict. A default profile is used when a parameter is not set for a user.

Release Notes: A shell script useful to install and manage lshell users was added.

Release Notes: This release corrects and enhances the 'help' feature. Interaction with the user is clearer.


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