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LsdlDoom is a port of Doom, the original 3D shoot'em'up game. It is based on LxDoom, and includes all of its features such as network and joystick support, as well as some new ones. Its goal is to support all platforms SDL supports, and is currently tested on Linux and Windows. It has merged with PrBoom and LxDoom, which added things like OpenGL and other advanced features, that is available at The original version of LsdlDoom is still available if you just want doom, and dont need the fancy stuff.


Recent releases

  •  30 Apr 2000 09:31

    Release Notes: Searching the directory where it's supposed to be installed for WADs, trying 8bpp before falling back on the default depth, and fixes for x86 assembly to compile on non-ELF targets, a segfault with demos and netgames, autoconf check and link order for SDL_mixer, a bus error in r_data.c, and compile issues on SPARC (must link with -lm).

    •  21 Apr 2000 23:28

      Release Notes: Misc. code cleanup, fixes for SDL 1.0 incompatibility, a -fasttimer option, and a Win32 binary on the Web page.

      •  10 Apr 2000 05:06

        Release Notes: Improved documentation, fixes for compilation problems on non-x86 platforms, now compiles on platforms which do not support BSD sockets and for Windows using the mingw32 cross compiler.

        •  02 Apr 2000 23:26

          Release Notes: First public anouncement.


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