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lsadl is an AMD/ATI GPU overclock and monitoring tool. It uses fglrx and AMD's ADL_SDK to adjust clock, voltage, and fan settings, and displays them in a chart along with temperature and usage.

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  •  12 Mar 2014 22:37

    Release Notes: Fixes a wchar_t compiling error from a missing header on some systems. Avoids deprecated use of g_thread_init with newer GTK/GDK. Preliminary multi-device support. Powercontrol support.

    •  27 May 2012 13:30

      Release Notes: This release doesn't assume FanSpeed_Get and FanSpeedInfo_Get support are exclusive and makes current clocks read on launch instead of default clocks.

      •  25 May 2012 23:36

        Release Notes: This release makes "no temp" a non-fatal error and adds fixes to

        •  23 May 2012 02:41

          Release Notes: This release makes "no fan" a non-fatal error and adds minor cleanups/fixes.

          •  22 May 2012 10:44

            Release Notes: This release added an unlock for voltage/mem and removed some commented-out code.

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            10 Mar 2014 09:23 godmachine81 Thumbs up

            Very nice open source project for the AMD Catalyst API. Allows users to manage clock rates and memory speed of their discreet graphics card while they are using FGLRX . I suggest this to anyone who is a hardcore linux gamer or those mining bitcoins/altcoins! Good Work Soul_Keeper

            24 May 2012 22:27 Avatar Soul_keeper

            Blaazen :
            the stuff is an easy fix I had simply not caught that omission.
            I have a couple questions for you on the other issue:
            Is your 4650 the only card in the system ?
            do temperature readings display in amdcccle ?
            Also I turned my email server on so you can email me

            24 May 2012 09:11 Blaazen

            Small issue:
            I had to add one line
            AC_CHECK_LIB(gthread-2.0, g_thread_init)
            to to make it compilable.

            Then it says:
            [v1@msi-NB OperaDownloads]$ lsadl
            lsadl v0.0.8

            WARNING: This can be Dangerous Software!
            Use at your own risk!
            Adapters(active and non-active): 2
            Cannot get the number of od5 temperature!
            Unknown Return Code!

            I have Mobility RadeOn HD4670 with Catalyst 12.4


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