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LowCal is a lightweight Web-based calendar of events. It is designed to allow you to announce events that have already been planned (it's not "groupware" and doesn't do "calendaring") without requiring the installation of PHP or a database backend. Events can be categorized and users can choose to display one, multiple, or all categories. Viewing modes include tabular monthly calendars and plain event lists, with or without details. Recurring events are well-supported using a cron-like syntax. All display is template-based, allowing complete configurability.

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Release Notes: In this release, non-superuser admin accounts are added. A number of minor bugs are fixed, an optional new data format is introduced, and the default templates are improved.

Release Notes: The 1.9.x branch of LowCal is a mostly-complete port of the project from mod_perl to CGI. This branch also contains several additional features not found in 1.3.x.

  •  13 Jul 2001 00:13

Release Notes: Fixes for handling when day-of-month goes past end-of-month.

  •  22 Feb 2001 16:23

Release Notes: A fix for a security hole which is present in all previous versions and allows remote users to read arbitrary files on the server.

  •  21 Feb 2001 00:18

Release Notes: This release adds basic Web-based administration.


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