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Lout is a document formatting system which reads a high-level description of a document similar in style to LaTeX and produces a PostScript file which can be printed on most laser printers and graphic display devices. Plain text and PDF output are also available. Lout is inherently multilingual and adding new languages is easy.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Dec 2010 15:49

    Release Notes: A number of changes were made.

    •  24 Nov 2000 00:21

      Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

      •  26 Jun 2000 17:57

        Release Notes: New features include cross links (pdfmark), and a @Python symbol for typesetting Python programs using prg2lout. Bug fixes were made for composite characters (e.g. latin2), and for running headers in tables.

        •  12 May 2000 04:26

          Release Notes: Refinements to @Perl symbol for Perl programming language formatting. Program texts can now be formatted with line numbers added. "Page body margins" for indenting of page body wrt headers and footers. @PageEnclose symbol generalizes @PageBox (enclose each page in anything). Robustness wrt Linux strcoll() improved (tab characters no longer compared). Lout can now build composite characters (e.g. for Latin2 with standard Adobe fonts). Please note that there is no longer a fontdefs file, there is now a fontdefs database, making this release incompatible with previous releases.

          •  09 Apr 2000 22:31

            Release Notes: Bugfixes (including the internal error that was dumping core recently), multi-line style changes (@I, @Colour etc.) now work in lines @Break mode, and a @Perl symbol for Perl programming language formatting (includes Pod).


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