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05 Mar 2002 06:37 TumCerHum

I don't understand the name
I would have given this program a 9 if it weren't for the name... I mean, isn't it obvious that a program with this kind of functionality should be called Raichu ?

Seriously though...
Lplayer started off as a dream ( doesn't everything, though? ), a dream about green fields, pretty flowers and better winamp playlist randomizing. Now it's a fully featured Freshmeat project ( Kudos to you, andrew ! ), and, mind you, a work in progress. The little spare time andrew has goes into enhancing, bugfixing and in general increasing the coolness of Lplayer ( or Raichu, if you will ).

Try it out... Who knows, you might even like it!

TumCerHum, dedicated Raichu-fan


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