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LongPlayer extends the functionality of a traditional MP3 player and is meant for people with a large MP3 or Ogg Vorbis collection who want to listen to it all day. It chooses from dynamically generated collections of music to fill the MP3 player's playlist. It does this in a more advanced way than a traditional player, taking into account the rating of the song and the time that has passed since the song was last listened to. The GUI allows you to view, rate, replay, and delete songs previously listened to. It works with XMMS, WinAmp, and iTunes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Mar 2005 10:38

    Release Notes: This release fixes some crashes when there are no playlists present.

    •  31 Mar 2005 00:28

      Release Notes: This version features a major speedup due to the use of the BerkeleyDB database engine. Special attention was also given to the queueing logic. In particular, it handles queueing of colored songs and small playlists much better, and is able to queue from multiple playlists. New queue actions "Queue 5 Songs" and "Refresh Queue" were added to the GUI, and the Search form has been updated to include all song actions. Fixed bugs include GUI inconsistencies, undesired queueing on Mac OS X, and unexpected lockups.

      •  31 Dec 2004 02:23

        Release Notes: This release significantly improves queueing behavior. In particular, genre and rating constraints are dealt with more accurately. This version also introduces a new feature to smooth genre transitions and the ability to insert music right after the currently playing song. The GUI received some subtle improvements and several bugs have been fixed. This mainly resulted in better consistency and stability on the Mac OS X platform.

        •  11 Feb 2004 10:15

          Release Notes: This version introduces a cleaned-up user interface with a new way to limit the genre of queued songs. It can now also handle m3u files as playlist input and export search results to them. Further improvements include a speed boost of the search function and numerous bugfixes .

          •  30 Oct 2003 09:55

            Release Notes: Some embarrassing bugs were fixed, in particular the inability for some users to start the program and incomplete search results. The database code is now thread-safe and more resistant to program or OS crashes.

            Recent comments

            05 Mar 2002 06:37 TumCerHum

            I don't understand the name
            I would have given this program a 9 if it weren't for the name... I mean, isn't it obvious that a program with this kind of functionality should be called Raichu ?

            Seriously though...
            Lplayer started off as a dream ( doesn't everything, though? ), a dream about green fields, pretty flowers and better winamp playlist randomizing. Now it's a fully featured Freshmeat project ( Kudos to you, andrew ! ), and, mind you, a work in progress. The little spare time andrew has goes into enhancing, bugfixing and in general increasing the coolness of Lplayer ( or Raichu, if you will ).

            Try it out... Who knows, you might even like it!

            TumCerHum, dedicated Raichu-fan


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