Version 0.14.1 of LongoMatch:The Digital Coach

Release Notes: This release fixes bug 323.

    Other releases

    •  14 Jan 2010 22:29

      Release Notes: Plays are now sortable by name, start time, stop time, and duration. Plays have a new way to be indexed using extra tags. A new tab has been added to display plays filtered by tags. Tagging Hotkeys can use a unique key instead of an Alt or Shift combination. Projects can be shared. Templates can be created copying an existent one. Plays can be multi-selected to ease tasks like deletion of several plays at once. A template from a project can be exported. A German translation has been added.

      •  13 Nov 2009 11:04

        Release Notes: The drawing tool was improved. A memory leak bug was fixed. Database searches were made faster.

        •  22 Sep 2009 14:58

          Release Notes: A drawing tool was added for on-video annotations. The template manager was redesigned. The names of categories can now be edited in the treeview. The file associated to a project can now be changed in the project manager. The video editor no longer stalls for some audio formats. A memory leak when handling an unmanaged Pixbuf was fixed.

          •  28 Aug 2009 07:18

          Release Notes: An unlimited number of tagging categories is now allowed. (The previous version allows only 20.) Support for team templates was added. HotKeys are supported. A database migration tool was added. A new video editor was implemented using GNonLin (so FFmpeg and Mencoder are not required anymore). A video editor with audio support was added. The title of the play is overlaid in rendered clips. The playrate of plays is changed in the rendered clip. New output formats (TV, HD, FullHD) are supported. New output audio and video codecs are supported: Matroska+H264+AAC, AVI+XVID+MP3, OGG+Theora+Vorbis, and MPEG2-PS+Mpeg2Video.

          •  31 Mar 2009 17:28

            Release Notes: This release fixes bug 323.


            Project Spotlight


            A Perl/XML log analyzer, alerter, and reporter.


            Project Spotlight

            Super Grub2 Disk

            A disk which can boot into an OS whose bootloader is broken.