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  •  09 Sep 2013 21:07

Release Notes: This release adds various fixes for the lrztar wrapper.

  •  13 Jul 2012 19:18

Release Notes: A fix for a broken lrztar in 0.613 was committed.

  •  07 Jul 2012 19:38

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which made massive files show an incorrect md5 value on decompression, compression of ultra-small files to corrupt archives, compilation on various platforms, and a crash related to using -S.

Release Notes: This release has been updated to a new zpaq library backend which is faster and now supports three different compression levels. This significantly increases the maximum compression available by lrzip with -L 9. The include file Lrzip.h used by liblrzip is now properly installed into $prefix/include.

Release Notes: lrzcat and lrzuntar have been fixed. lrzuntar will not overwrite existing directories by default now. The update counter will continue to update even when there is nothing being matched (like a file full of zeroes). Numerous optimizations in the rzip stage speeds up the faster compression modes noticeably. Checksumming is done in a separate thread during rzip compression for more compression speed improvements.

Release Notes: A new liblrzip library allows lrzip compression and decompression to be added to other applications. The rzip stage is now faster when files are large enough to require the sliding mmap feature and in unlimited mode. A bug where multiple files being compressed or decompressed from the one command line could have become corrupted was fixed. The modification date of the decompressed file is now set to that of the lrzip archive. Compilation warnings were fixed. lrztar now works with directories with spaces in their names.

Release Notes: Faster rzip stage through use of selective data access functions. The bash completion script is no longer installed by default, so as to not conflict with distribution bash completion packages. More compilation fixes for non-Linux platforms. Minor cleanups.

Release Notes: A rare case of not being able to decompress archives was fixed. The lzma library was updated to version 920. A bash completion script for lrzip was added. More debugging info was added in maximum verbose mode. Fewer messages occur without verbose mode. FreeBSD and POSIX compilation fixes were committed.

  •  14 May 2011 03:29

Release Notes: lrzuntar was fixed.

Release Notes: lrzcat was added, which automatically decompresses .lrz files to STDOUT. lrzip and lrunzip will no longer automatically output to STDOUT when output is redirected. Progress output will no longer spam the output unless the percentage has changed. lrzip now has no lower limit on the file sizes it will happily compress and is able to work with zero byte sized files. The percentage counter when getting file information on small files will not show %nan. The executable bit will not be enabled when compressing via a means that can't preserve the original permissions (e.g. from STDIN).


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