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Release Notes: A new liblrzip library allows lrzip compression and decompression to be added to other applications. The rzip stage is now faster when files are large enough to require the sliding mmap feature and in unlimited mode. A bug where multiple files being compressed or decompressed from the one command line could have become corrupted was fixed. The modification date of the decompressed file is now set to that of the lrzip archive. Compilation warnings were fixed. lrztar now works with directories with spaces in their names.

Release Notes: This is a massive rewrite. The program now supports full use of stdin and stdout without using temporary files. Very high grade password protection with SHA512/AES128 has been added. Decompression and testing rzip reconstruction is done within RAM now, providing faster decompression. Big endian machine support has been added. A new file format is used to support the new features. The lrztar wrapper was modified to use the new stdin/stdout capabilities. A new, more robust, flexible build configuration system was adopted using autotools. Functions were abstracted out to begin work on creating an lrzip library. Numerous small bugs were addressed.

  •  20 Feb 2011 15:36

Release Notes: Mac OS X multi-threading now works due to rewriting the locking implementation to use mutexes instead of unnamed semaphores. MD5 hash checking has been added and is used by default, while maintaining backward compatibility and speeding up the checking. The best mode for hash checking is determined on decompression. Verbose and information modes display what hash checking will be used for integrity testing. Options were added to display hash check values and perform integrity testing on decompressed files. Broken or damaged files are now deleted on interruption/failure or kept with a new option.

Release Notes: This release implements unlimited sized compression windows not constrained by RAM through a "sliding mmap" design. It modifies the default compression windows to find the largest possible safely addressable RAM instead of guessing. These changes both have major compression improvements on files larger than RAM. Darwin builds have been fixed. Improved screen output. More checks and error messages. Numerous fixes, micro-optimisations, and cleanups. Updated docs and benchmarks.

  •  29 Nov 2009 14:43

Release Notes: A zpaq compression backend was added for extremely good but extremely slow compression (from the PAQ family of the best general compression algorithms around today). The chunk size passed to LZMA is now limited to 4GB to avoid library overflows. Minor changes were made to the formatting output. The lower limit of the -T threshhold was changed to 0 to allow disabling it. The lzo_compresses check was added into zpaq and bzip2 as well since they're slow.

Release Notes: A massive code rewrite was done. Compression windows should be limited by available RAM now on 64-bit systems. The compression advantages on large files on 64-bit machines with large RAM are massive. The limit on 32-bit is still 2GB. The file format is no longer compatible with earlier versions of lrzip. Support for decompressing older formats is present, but all new files will be generated in the new format. Minor speedups were done. Decompression should no longer stall at 4GB boundaries for extended periods, making decompression much faster for files larger than 4GB. Many documentation and benchmark updates were made.


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