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Login Monitor monitors idle times for logins and kicks users off after they are idle for a set amount of time. It is useful for people who forget to log out of machines they connect to remotely.

Operating Systems

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  •  20 May 2003 05:46

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    20 May 2003 11:30 timn

    Re: tmout
    This works with any shell on all systems that have Perl and the who command so this should be much more versatile... The implementation is pretty simple. Not elegant, but wrote it in 15 minutes...

    20 May 2003 00:02 binford2k

    Perhaps simpler to implement, altho not as flexible, is the Bash internal variable $TMOUT. From the Bash scripting guide:


    If the $TMOUT environmental variable is set to a non-zero value time, then the shell prompt will time out after time seconds. This will cause a logout.

    I am sure that other shells have similar features.



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