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Release Notes: Support for PDF preview was improved. A complete translation to the Norwegian language was added. The new Webservice method getRecentDocuments was added. Lucene was upgraded to the latest version, 3.0.3. Some permission issues were fixed. Support for the Arabic language was introduced. The setting and display of tags were enhanced. Folders are listed in alphabetical order. A problem with orphaned documents was fixed.

Release Notes: Improved support for previewing documents, fixed support for locales with language variants (such as Brazilian Portuguese), a translation of the GUI to German, support for the Norwegian language, and improvements in the advanced search. Problems with Web services were fixed along with problems with WebDAV permissions after renaming, moving, and deleting folders and files. The parser for PDF documents was improved. A new Web service method was provided for collecting the metadata of a list of documents.

Release Notes: The visibility of the size of documents was improved. The operation of the WebDAV interface was reviewed. The ability to insert tags with spaces was added. The ability to manage active languages in the GUI was added. The translation of the software in the French language was improved. The ability to manage active languages for indexing and search was added. Small aesthetic improvements were made in the GUI.

Release Notes: The ability to define shortcuts to documents. Workflow improvements with trigger options. A new contextual menu on the folder tree. ICEpdf in place of PDFbox to create document preview on PDF files. Some bugs have been resolved.


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