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Release Notes: This release added an email contacts address book, restore of deleted folders, bulk checkout/checkin, and Smart Client 4.0, Spring 3.2.3, Hibernate 4.1, and GWT 2.5.1. Date formatting for English-UK and English-AU was implemented. US date format is supported in the date editing widget. A problem where folder specification was not used when searching for aliases was fixed along with an error sending internal messages.

Release Notes: This release has the ability to specify a base document template and metadata for each Folder. There are Bookmarks on Folders; the ability to perform searches against folders; and a configurable default page (per user) after login. Improvements: configurable document preview (viewer size); permanent download link; HTML formatting when sending documents in email; and improved management of notes on documents. Loading time of documents and folders has been cut by 35%. All the translations of the GUI are enabled by default. Downloading of document son Safari produces files with incorrect characters.

Release Notes: The ability to print search results. A customizable Welcome message. Edit metadata while adding new documents. An option to save credentials in the browser. A reindex method in the Web service. Complete localization of labels in German. Immediate download after check-out. Optimizations in the queries for permission checks. Optimized Preview creation. A parsing timeout for indexing of documents. Compatibility with MS SQL Server. Compatibility with Oracle 10g.

  •  21 Apr 2010 11:44

Release Notes: The ability to define shortcuts on documents was added. A contextual menu for folders was added. The support for Mac OS X (Safari) was enhanced, particularly on deleting folders, content layout, and document preview. The ability to move a folder and all its contents to another target folder was added. This feature is also now available in the WebDAV interface. Security connection management for SMTP was added. The preview of PDF and TIFF documents was improved. The Lucene dependency was upgraded to the latest 2.9.x release. The translations were enhanced for the embedded languages.


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