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  •  04 Jun 2007 05:18

Release Notes: This releases fixes support for using log4j properties and several other minor issues. More unit tests were added, as was additional error checking needed for the unit tests to pass.

  •  16 Sep 2006 22:04

Release Notes: The previous release worked well on Linux with Bash, but died horribly under Solaris and Cygwin, as well as with ksh. Thanks to much improved unit tests and more testing, this release works properly again under Linux, Solaris, and Cygwin with the Bourne, Bourne Again, and Korn shells.

  •  24 Feb 2006 00:18

Release Notes: An extraneous call to logger_getLevel from logger_addAppender was removed. A serious bugfix from 1.3.3pre was backported: when log4sh is configured from a properties file, there are problems when declaring more than one appender when there are no spaces after the commas in the rootLogger declaration.


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