Version 0.1 of LocDemo

Release Notes: This is the initial release that evaluates the users geographic position, displays the latitude and longitude, and shows it within a map.

Other releases

Release Notes: Some smaller glitches have been fixed. A package for Ubuntu 64-bit systems has been added. The Android sources have been extended by several service classes for geographical calculations and for showing/moving/scaling maps (using Google Maps, Google satellite, view and Open'StreetMap maps optionally).

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and code cleanup were done. The size of the Linux variant of libwlocate was decreased. The Android variant was extended to support GPS locations (optionally) to encapsulate all geolocation functions within one easy to use library.

  •  23 Feb 2012 22:33

    Release Notes: This version fixes several bugs in the Android port of libwlocate, contains some general code cleanups, and makes use of a domain for server access now instead of a fixed IP.

    •  03 Jan 2012 07:30

    Release Notes: libwlocate and the LocDemo application were ported to Android, allowing the default Android geolocation services to be replaced by a variant with better privacy.

    •  06 Sep 2011 21:14

      Release Notes: This version contains a tool for recording WLAN information. This information can be loaded in LocDemo later to trace the positions that belong to the stored data.


      Project Spotlight


      A program that generates Java GUIs from natural language.


      Project Spotlight


      A server class solution for supported weather stations.